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What is GNU social?

GNU social is a continuation of the StatusNet project. It is social communication software for both public and private communications. It is widely supported and has a large userbase. It is already used by the Free Software Foundation.

If you’ve heard of Mastodon, that’s an alternative implementation of GNU social. People on one can follow their friends on the other. That’s one of the advantages of federation!

Where can I join GNU social?

There are many GNU social server instances. That’s another advantage of federation! Some are for people in different parts of the world, some are for people with different interests, some are open to everyone.

You can search the web for GNU social instances in your country or that are run by people with similar interests to you.

Please note that the GNU social project is not responsible for the operation or content of sites that run our software.

How can I run my own instance of GNU social?

You can check out the source code for GNU social from its git repository -

The source code includes installation instructions.

I found a bug, how can I report it or get help?

You can report a bug using the issue tracker at .

If you use IRC you can contact us on the GNU social IRC channel at #social.

Who makes GNU social?

The maintainer of the GNU social project is Mikael Nordfeldth.

The founders of the GNU social project were Matt Lee, Evan Prodromou and Mikael Nordfeldth.