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What is GNU FM?

GNU FM is the music community platform created in 2009 for the GNU Project. It implements the Audioscrobbler protocol, powers and supports federation between many Auidoscrobbler servers, including

Where can I join GNU FM?

The main GNU FM instance is .

The front page says (among other things):

“Share your listening habits from your phone, computer or tablet, and find similiar artists. All the music on is freely licensed for you to stream, download and remix.

The community is a mixture of music superfans and artists, where artists can share their music for everyone to enjoy.

We believe we represent a good deal for artists: we only promote artists who choose to share their music with the world.”

How can I run my own instance of GNU FM?

You can check out the source code for GNU FM from its git repository -

The source code includes installation instructions.

I found a bug, how can I report it or get help?

You can report a bug using the issue tracker at .

If you use IRC you can contact us on the GNU fm IRC channel at

Who makes GNU FM?

The maintainer of the GNU FM project is Rob Myers.

The founders of the GNU FM project were Matt Lee, Michael Sheldon, Clint Adams, and Rob Myers.

Thank you to Bytemark, who provide the servers that run .